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Building the Bermuda
Insurance & Reinsurance Talent Pipeline

ABIR's Commitment to Future Talent
ABIR looks for opportunities to educate students, future employees, policymakers and others about our industry and the contributions that insurance and reinsurance make to both the local and global economy.

ABIR members are committed to investing in the training and development of a vibrant, local workforce in Bermuda. Along with the internships, educational scholarships in Bermuda by ABIR members totaled over $1.3 million in 2019. In addition, ABIR members continue to offer additional training and development opportunities, such as graduate training programs, tuition reimbursement, and leadership training.



Are you considering a career in re/insurance? 
The pandemic has brought about a significant change in the insurance sector, and there will be new global opportunities for aspiring young people. An insurance career is a good choice for millennials as they possess many of the qualities that recruiters in the insurance industry are looking for, such as an affinity for teamwork and problem-solving skills.

There is a wealth of opportunities in the reinsurance industry in Bermuda for students pursuing higher education in the following areas:

If you see your favorite school subject on this list, challenge yourself to prepare for one of the many careers in the insurance and reinsurance world, and be one of the industry’s new, up-and-coming professionals. You can make a start by browsing our fact sheet, discovering jobs that suit you, and learning more about the post-secondary paths to an exciting future in a successful and respected industry, in Bermuda and internationally.

2024 Talent Pipeline Program Offerings

ABIR and its members are offering a wealth of opportunities to expose students and college graduates to the reinsurance and insurance industry sector. These opportunities range from further education, industry forums, internships and professional development. You can view our program initiatives on offer below. Future offerings will be posted on this page, so check back regularly for updates: 

ABIR x Bermuda College x St. John's University Spring Virtual Course

Whether you have years of experience in the industry, a basic understanding of it, or are a curious novice, insurance is an exciting and dynamic industry to consider for a career. Despite its operational and financial resilience, it continues to evolve and faces a demanding future. With so many local and international insurance and reinsurance companies in Bermuda, The Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) is pleased to partner with Bermuda College and St. John's University, to offer this timely online lecture series offered yearly during the Spring semester beginning in January.

The first session of the lecture series begins with a roundtable discussion on international business in Bermuda.

The course includes the following:

  • The evolution and economic significance of Bermuda's re/insurance industry
  • Climate risk and Bermuda's leading position in reinsurance for natural disasters
  • Bermuda's expanding legacy run-off industry
  • Life and annuities
  • Collateralised reinsurance
  • Captive reinsurance and Bermuda's regulatory excellence
  • Insurance Careers, Utilizing LinkedIn and other Social Media
  • DE&I in Insurance
  • Underwriting Cycle (in Catastrophe Reinsurance)

The lecture series features industry speakers from the St. John's University faculty and Bermuda re/insurance executives.

Past presenters include:

  • Catherine Duffy, Country Leader of AIG Bermuda
  • Judy Gonsalves, Division President of Chubb Bermuda;
  • Lisa Robinson, Head of HR & Operations
  • Convex Re Limited; Chantal Cardinez, CEO, Hannover RE
  • Grainne Richmond, Executive Vice President – Head of Captives, AON
  • Nelson Lee, SVP, Chief Actuary, Property and Casualty
  • Andrew Hughes, CEO, Third Point Capital, Partner Re
  • Angela A'Zary, SVP, Client Risk Analytics, RenaissanceRe Risk Sciences
  • Devin Page, Senior VP & Head of Casualty/Specialty, Ascot Group
  • Jesse DeCouto, Chief Underwriting Officer, Validus Re;
  • John Huff, CEO, ABIR
  • Jevon Williams, General Counsel, Chubb Bermuda
  • Mark Browne, Professor and Faculty Chair School of Risk Management at St. John's University.

Register here for the upcoming lecture series.


2023 Lecture Series

Interview with John Huff and Jasmine Patterson - January 2023

Opening Photos 2023 Roundtable

Member Company Internships
To add value to ABIR's professional development offerings, its member companies offer several work experience and internship opportunities via the island’s leading international re/insurance companies. These internship opportunities afford young Bermudians opportunities to network, interact and learn skills that will help them to navigate their way into the industry.

In 2023, ABIR member companies employed 103 interns who have invited the opportunity to participate in a structured 5-week program designed by ABIR to compliment the individual member companies' internship programs.


ABIR's current internship opportunities for 2024 can be found below:

Day in the Life of an Intern Vlog
During the summer of 2022, interns from ABIR member companies filmed two videos depicting intern life. The promotional video was distributed to our members so that they may utilize the promotional materials to assist, advise, and recruit college students who may be unfamiliar with internship responsibilities and experiences. You can watch both videos below:

A Day in the Life of an ABIR Member Company Intern
ABIR Member Intern Working Group

Environmental Restoration Activity
The working group analyzed the significance of the Bermuda reinsurance market in addressing climate-related risks. The interns collectively discussed a beach or area that they believed required cleaning. Additionally, the location/beach must be suitable for snorkeling. The interns agreed with KBB's recommendation for the Ferry Reach neighborhood. The participants either participated on land by collecting items or in the water using snorkeling equipment to survey appropriate waters for waste. Dive Bermuda provided the required snorkeling gear.

Additionally, KBB was kind enough to provide gloves, large trash bags, and grabbers to assist with trash collection. As a donation to the initiative, all supplies were provided at no cost. This activity allowed interns to find a way to contribute toward a greener Bermuda effectively.

Environmental Restoration – Beach Cleanup

Interviewing Skills Breakfast Session
In preparation for the ABIR Board and Committee Members-only Reception, ABIR arranged for Dr. Crystal Clay to speak with interns about the "how-to's" of networking.

The founder of Olive Branch Consulting, Dr. Crystal Clay, is a qualified Executive Coach and a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. Dr. Clay is passionate about partnering with leaders, teams, and individuals in Bermuda, the United States, and Canada, equipping and empowering them with the tools to reach their fullest potential.

The Summer 2022 interns learned how to properly pose for a professional headshot and write an effective professional biography. Additionally, they learned how to leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn. As a result, ABIR established a LinkedIn working group to foster relationships that will continue after the internship has concluded.


Interview Skills Breakfast Session

Professional Headshots
ABIR recognizes the importance of a professional headshot in this industry. Therefore, we provided each intern with two professional headshots that they can use on various platforms, such as LinkedIn and their bio. 2022 Member intern headshots can be viewed below:

Member Interns Headshots & Bio Summaries

Intern to Industry Forum
AON, an ABIR member, hosted a roundtable discussion with former interns who have since entered the industry. This allowed interns to ask questions about the young professionals who are now part of the industry. Additionally, it was an opportunity to expand their network.

Member Interns Industry Forum

ABIR Networking Reception
ABIR hosted a Member Networking Reception in July 2022 in honor of "Building the Bermuda Talent Pipeline." Interns from all ABIR member companies were able to network with ABIR Board and Committee members and government officials at this event. In addition, we revealed the first ABIR Scholars 2022 graduates from Bermuda College: Kallan Richardson, the ABIR/Arch Scholar, and Miguel Simas, the ABIR/RenaissanceRe Scholar. Both have received two-year scholarships to attend the Maurice R. Greenberg School of Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science at St. John's University.

Premier Burt Meets ABIR Interns

Xavier Ramsay: My Reinsurance Internship Experience

Kallan Richardson & Miguel Simas Become First ABIR Scholars

ABIR Networking Reception